Every Round Counts

Basic Overview
A Card and Dice Game for 3-6 Players
Designed by Stephen Head
You are Bartenders serving drinks to customers in the Trolls Head Tavern, the head bartender has come up with a competition “who can serve the most beers wins”
All you have to do is guess how many beers you are going to roll on the Custom designed dice, sounds easy but the others will play cards that may hamper your guess!
The cards represents customers, cards to give you extra points and bonuses, cards that allow you to re-roll dice, and of coarse cards to play on the other bartenders to hinder them!
Cards and Dice
All the artwork on the cards and box is by the talented artist Vicki Dalton, The cards are shown down below:
  • The Head Bartender Card
  • Order of Play Card
  • Single Customer Card
  • Double Customer Card
  • Bar Meals
  • Serving the Shots
  • Serving Longbeard’s Special
  • Orange Juice for the Elves
  • Cleaning the Tables
  • Happy Hour
  • You’re Barred
  • Singles Night
  • The Golden Tankard
  • Dropped the Tray
  • Spilled Drink
    • The Dice are
    • White Customer Dice
    • Red Head Bartender

The Rules

Click Here For The Rules For Every Round Counts